Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall In The Private Health Insurance Contracts

Consumers should read the terms of PHI just before completion

A private health insurance does always what is stipulated in the insurance contract. Insurance premiums in the contract does not commit or limited in the amount of the refund, in case of sickness insurance must pay the difference in cost themselves. Limited is a limit to top it!

For this reason, officers and officials pay close contender before a health insurance on the contract terms. Only a health expert can help out contract traps.

A few examples and excerpts are given from insurance operations, in case of illness of the insured can be very expensive when signing a false insurance tariff.

Excerpt from insurance conditions of some insurance companies:
  • Recoverable amount is the
  • Insured percent tariff level and go
  • Supporting apparatus including
  • Cradles, night splints,
  • Body prostheses, wheelchairs
  • (620,-EUR invoice amount is
  • 100%), orthopedic shoe inserts,
  • Additional costs for orthopedic shoes,
  • orthopedic body braces,
  • Trusses, compression stockings,
  • artificial eyes, hearing aids,
  • electronic larynx

→ caution when providing benefits only a maximum of 620 euros will be paid for as a wheelchair!

Ill for instance of multiple sclerosis and need an electrically powered wheelchairs, costing in excess of € 10,000 are quickly reached. This provider does but only to a maximum of 620 euros. That means you have to pay the rest yourself.

Sample speech therapy and occupational therapy
Not insured: No speech therapy by speech therapists, occupational therapy not by occupational therapists

Need an example speech therapy after a stroke that is not insured, because you will not be listed in the contract conditions. Again, you remain on the cost of treatment even sit.

Example insurance conditions psychotherapy
Reimbursement inpatient psychotherapy for 30 days

Often hospitalization for 40 days in special cases to take up to six months. If you due to a mental illness, more than 30 days of hospitalization, you must bear the cost themselves.

How the consumer can see from the examples above, a detailed consultation is important so that it in case of illness also have the protection of Him secures comprehensive.


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