Saturday, October 20, 2012

In old age or sickness you are usually no longer able to care for themselves completely independently. A lot of care would then remain in their home and learn a skilled nursing. A home care service combines both. Before this, however, can be approved for care must be determined. The medical service of the health checks for this on behalf of the public health care, whether the application is justified to demand for care. To the visit by the MDK (Medical Service of the Health Insurance Funds)  you can prepare yourself. The nursing service dolphin from Mannheim explained.

Care diary as a preparatory action
If a request for maintenance services at the public health care provided, commissioned this. The medical service of the Health Insurance (MDK) to check whether a dependency exists in the sense of long-term care law For evaluating the MDK expert comes home. To be well prepared for the visit, it is advisable to perform before a nursing journal in which all maintenance activities are recorded with a precise timetable. This gives the reviewer a more comprehensive overview of the areas where help is needed, as often is the case and how much time the nurse needed for this. In addition, all medical records should be available and findings of the patient. It is advantageous even if a caregiver who best know the necessary care about it, be present at the examination.


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