Saturday, October 20, 2012

Switch To Private Health Insurance

What will change for the insured as a private insured?

Those who plan to switch to a private health insurance (PHI), has to be aware of some things before that will change with respect to its health insurance. This Decision should therefore not be made hastily and thoughtlessly.

Preferential treatment in surgeries

For some, the main reason for the change in the PHI. It is no secret that physicians in private patients deserve better, and so is not this preferential treatment as a surprise.

Subsequent reimbursement

After the change of the statutory health insurance to private health insurance you have to adjust accordingly the cost of outpatient treatment must initially pay themselves. This will of course be refunded later, after you have submitted the bills to the insurance company.

No family insurance

Who changes to private health insurance as a parent must also thought to make the child, because children are not exempt mitsichert. The child must not only be privately insured, if the partner is still legally insured in and you yourself as a "breadwinner" earned less than the annual income limit. This currently amounts to 50,850 euros per year (as of 2012).

Lower contributions

Who changes as a young, healthy person in private health insurance pays, reduced contributions. The reason is that the data on the age, occupation and medical history will be taken. The danger at the age now to pay huge sums to be largely unfounded, because the insurer to aging reserves forms.

Broader benefits

As a member of PHI enjoy more comprehensive services, such as psychotherapy or dental procedures. Of course, such things are changing at PHI previously agreed in the insurance contract.


Anyone within a year his insurance does not cost money, that is not submitting invoices and prescriptions, receives a portion of its contributions refunded. Chance also offer health insurance to this already, so that a change to private health insurance is not because of mandatory.


For compulsory health insurance is nothing new, you pay a deductible when a part of his treatment costs covered itself in contrast with SHI for the posts lower.

Change within the private health insurance

For choosing the right provider you should take your time, because who would later move to another private health insurance, it may not be as easy as between insurers. Here you need to consider in the contract notice periods and held minimum contractual period.

Return to the GKV

Who once in the private health insurance can not easily return. The change from PKV to GKV is subject to many conditions and aims specifically to prevent exploiting the advantages of both systems and avoiding the disadvantages.


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