Saturday, October 20, 2012

Stress - The Spice Of Life

Restriction of stress and timely reduction of the stress hormone levels are critical.

"Stress is the spice of life!" Said decades ago, Hans Selye, the" father of stress research ", while the man who coined the term" stress "as we now use" invented ". What he meant was clear: Stress is not always unhealthy, on the contrary. A degree is one of them into an interesting life. But as the case of a spice so: it is not accompanied with the big scoop, but carefully metered, so the food is not inedible.

The salty soup

But unfortunately this is on an increasing number of people the case. With an excess of stress, only part of the story. At least as important, is that all too many, the "spice", ie reduce the distributed stress hormones, do not or at least not sufficient, for example, with movement. An effective stress management must therefore both take in the view, a limitation of the stress hormone production as well as a prompt reduction the stress hormone levels.

The stress hormone production - a useful device

The vast majority of stress hormone production takes place in the adrenal gland. This facility is very useful because it gives us extraordinary danger in phases with an additional portion of energy supplies, we can also use in those situations very well. The problem now though is that we have learned to throw the stress hormone production even when no real danger to life, but perhaps "only" an argument with the boss or spouse., The final authority for this is our cerebral cortex, which is the place . which hosts all our thinking This includes especially our self-talk, so our assessment of the situation in which we are just the good news. also thinking can be trained, so we can learn to restructure our thoughts so that we for a such training in similar situations to experience significantly less stress than before.

Reduce stress

Health problems occur, especially if the stress hormone levels is permanently increased. So it's also about this timely deconstruct. The most effective way to do this is still movement. Ideal is moderate aerobic exercise such as Jogging, cycling or Nordic walking. In addition, relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation can help.

Conclusion: Do not fear stress

Of course, I fully realize that my conclusion far easier said or written than done. Nevertheless: If on the one hand creates, with the pressures of his everyday work around so that they a degree, respectively, and on the other hand ensures that his stress hormone levels is always degraded quickly again need not worry from stress-related health problems to have. This is perhaps even an effective training or other professional assistance is necessary, but we are by no means the mercy of stress. In meaningful dose level can therefore quite accept him as what it should be: "the spice of life".


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